The only product of it’s kind. The Resistance360 patented track system allows intense training while having full 360 degrees of rotation. Each belt is crafted for lasting durability and comes with padded inserts for size adjustments up to 4 inches.




NOTE: The Resistance 360 Trainer is not intended any athletes with waist lines larger than 38-40”.

The majority of adult athletes with waistlines 30”-38” will be able to utilize the Resistance 360 Trainer with just the belt or the belt with the 1” padded inserts.
Youth athletes or any adult athletes with waistlines below 30” will want to order the 2” padded inserts at the time they purchase the trainer.


If the trainer is to be utilized on a wide array of athletes, it is advisable to obtain both sets of padded inserts.


Please Allow 4-6 weeks for shipping.

34" Resistance 360 Bundle

SKU: 1000
Padded Inserts
  • The cost for shipping is an additional $25.00 and is delivered via UPS Ground within 4-5 business days.

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