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Our multi-sport, multi-directional training device can be used by a single user or utilized for tandem circuit training and is proven to increase balance, strength, speed, skill development, endurance, explosiveness, and more.  The 360 design allows full rotation for maximum resistance training and practicing results.


Resistance360 is the first product of its kind with breakthrough technology that allows you to simulate game time, anytime.


Our ergonomic 360-resistance trainer is proven to aid in skill development and expertly designed to increase your speed, balance, power, explosiveness, and more. Professional athletes and coaches stand by the quality of our product, and you will too.

2017-08-26 12.51.20.jpg
  • Train for all sports, going from resistance and assistance

  • Build strength and conditioning for sprinting, leaping, shuffling, and change of direction

  • Work with a partner or attach the cable to a stationary object

  • Includes belt, flexi-cord resistance cable and safety handles

  • Made for athletes of all genders, sizes, sports and levels

What limits will you break with Resistance360?

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